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We take pride in delivering professional service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

  • "After working at the Jennings Police Department for approximately 20 years, I decided to take a firearms course.  I had always been afraid of guns; I didn’t think the fear of guns would ever leave me.  I took a 40 hour firearms course with Captain Merrion Taylor and Lt. Ricky Benoit, and I am so grateful for my new knowledge of guns.

    Capt. Taylor and Lt. Benoit are both gifted with patience for beginners.  They taught me how to breathe and stand when I shoot, which improved my aim.  They taught me how to hold a gun, how to clean a gun and how to shoot a gun.  I purchased a personal handgun shortly after I took the course.

    We all need to be able to protect ourselves and our property if the need arises.  In my case, with my training and my new courage, I feel that I can do just that." 


    Eleanor L. Beal
    Secretary to Police Chief

  • "I personally was very proud to have the Security Officers to come to Jennings and to have the professionalism that was shown by Capt. Taylor and Lt. Benoit.  Both Capt. Taylor and Lt. Benoit  were very professional and made the officers feel at ease.   All of the Security Officers qualifying had nothing but kind words to say about how they were treated and the quality of the Shooting Range.  I was able to let my Branch Office Supervisors in the Dallas, Texas area know that the community in which I live has a whole lot of generosity!"

    Adam Anthony III
    Account Manager
    Pinkerton Government Services
    Lake Charles, LA

  • I have many years experience with rifles and shotguns.  A handgun is a totally different experience.  I wanted proper traning to be alble to protect myself and my family.  B&T's Training was through and interesting.  I would recommend to anyone who possesses a handgun or just for basic training. 

    Restaurant Owner Gatti's Pizza
    Trudy Tietje

  • "I am a business owner Robbie's Front End Shop, LLC.  I am a mechanic and Alignment specialist.  Shooting is a hobby for me.  The Training sharpened my shooting skills and gave me more confidence."

    Robbie's Front End Shop, LLC  Robbie Cormier Owner

  • "I am a Bank Loan Associate/ Real Estate Agent.  I took the Conceal Carry Class for self defense and receive the proper training.  I loved the class!"

    Jill Cunningham

  • "I took the class for self defense.  I feel I received the proper training.  It was a great class." 


    Janet Traylor, Store Manager

  • "Great course, very informative,even for people who have been around guns and hunting for many years."

    David Dennis, Petroleum Landman


Police Memorial Week and Memorial service 5-15-08

Chief Vincent presented awards to his officers for outstanding police work and arrest.  Prior Chief's of Police families were presented with plaques honoring their years of service.

Chief Vincent awarded Jennings Police Officers Lt. Ricky Benoit and Cpt. Merrion Taylor with an Outside Recognition Award.  The award is in recognition of their continued support to their police department by providing and conducting training and certification classes for their offiers.

How Can We Help You?


Prone position firing.  Instructor ic calling hits for the shooter. 


Chief Howard K. Vincent of Iowa Police Department presented Cpt. Taylor and Lt. Benoit with a Recognition Award

 IOWA Police Department

Police Memorial Day May 15, 2008

Cpt. Taylor Guest Speaker



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